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We specialize in deck freight from Canada and the United States, no matter how big or small. We are the fastest, easiest way to book & manage your freight shipments.

Kencor Heavy Haul Ltd is your locally owned transportation expert.

We are dedicated to providing efficient and hassle free services to our clients. We are able to handle a variety of load configurations, dimensions and permit requests, moving your freight across Canada and the United States quickly and professionally.

Need a quote? You can use our online quotation form or call us directly.

Kencor Heavy Haul Ltd provides heavy haul services in multiple industries.

Transport With Kencor

We are a proud member of the Alberta Motor Transport Association. Safety also encompasses the equipment we maintain, as well as our fleet of qualified, well-trained drivers. Our range of travel is only limited by the oceans, so chances are we can get it there for you!


1202 16th Ave

Nisku, AB  T9E 0A9



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